tóco d'azur, your Real Estate agent on the French Riviera!

tóco d’azur: since 1998 your Dutch real estate agency ‘sur place’

Living in the South of France, a dream for many. The wonderful climate, nature and culture make the Riviera a popular place to buy a (second) house, apartment or property.

When searching to buy a house, you will find the process is rather cumbersome: the brokerage system is unclear, the information is often conflicting with properties listed by multiple agents at different prices and then, for many of us,  there is the language problem.

Avoid disappointment and let tóco d’azur assist you. We are the one stop shop that will solve any problem you may encounter!

We know the different areas inside out.  Whether you are looking for a 2 room apartment in Nice, a lavish countryside estate in the back country or a beautiful summer pad on the beach in St Tropez, we know the area, we know what is for sale and what is a good buy or not. And, we have an interesting selection of properties that are offered for sale in a discrete off-market fashion and will not be found on public listings.

If you engage us we provide you with the necessary construction expertise, quite a comforting thought when you see so many properties that are developing cracks!

You can rest assured that your decision to buy will be a sound one.

We will be with you every step of the way, from organising visits, to negotiating, handling the notary formalities, the hand-over and setting you up in your new property.

Through our partners we provide you with tax advice, hugely important in the ever changing jungle of French tax laws.

And if your new dream house needs some changes, we can help you to set up the renovation crews you need, dependable and cost-effective craftsman who will do a proper job for you.

Contact us here with all your questions and let us explain our way of working.

We hope to see you soon!

Tóco d'Azur