Le Plongeoir in Nice, a wonderful restaurant in an extraordinary location


On the seafront at the bottom of the Mont Boron, next to the old harbor of Nice, is an awesome restaurant by the sea. Or rather – at sea!

The history of this particular open-air restaurant started in 1862. A simple wooden pavilion was built there for the ‘Niçois’ to feast on seafood. Being very successful, the wooden pavilion was replaced by a real restaurant in 1867.

Two rocks were connected with walkways. On the first rock a “Kiosk” was constructed and on the second rock, six meters above the sea, a fishing boat (l’Inflexible) was placed.

This boat quickly became the pride and joy of the inhabitants of Nice. And of course the exceptional restaurant attracted the tourists and bourgeois from the Belle Epoque to come and eat, have tea or enjoy dance parties.

Le plongeoir

In 1941 the boat disappeared and made way for a diving board: the diving board (Le Plongeoir) by the sea. Built by architect René Livieri (1908-1995). The Art Deco-style diving board still stands proudly above the waves and has become a reference of modern architecture.

Over time, many restaurants resided on the site but eventually the outdated kiosk was abandoned and marine erosion completed the destruction.

Le Plongeoir

In 2015 Maitre-restaurateur Marc Dussoulier took over and revived this mythical place that was -and is- so popular with the people of Nice.

If you would you like to have a meal, a really good meal, on an breath-taking location, then click here to reserve a table.

Restaurant Le Plongeoir

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